What defines a true “strength of courage”? Is it reaching the exit of a haunted house knowing that you were terrified of going inside from the start? Is it finally being able to grab a cup of water at midnight with no lights on? Or is it having to ask someone out even though you were afraid in the first place?

The Strength of Courage, penned by author and retired public school and community college writing teacher, Alfred J. Dansbury Sr., teaches us that the true strength of courage is having to heal and seeing things in a silver lining past the traumas, scars, and life’s adversities. Before diving through what Dansbury is made of as an author, it would be fair and best to get to know the author first and get to know him behind the cover and plot of his work.

Aside from being a former writing teacher, Alfred J. Dansbury Sr. has also worked for the city of Camden, New Jersey Department of Planning & Development, Division of Housing Services for thirty-seven years— and he has also been a New Jersey realtor since 1991. What he is as a person does not only limit to him only writing immaculate stories as he is also an avid fisherman, boater, and photographer— just someone who loves life and the outdoors.

Have a tour of the author’s mind by reading and getting lost in his work!

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