The Strength of Courage by Alfred J. Dansbury Sr. is packed full with numerous life lessons and relatable experiences tells the story of a young African American who nearly meets his fate honoring his country in World War II on the battle fields of Europe and Africa. His resilience and faith drove him to discover his strength and pushes to see his loved ones again. However, after discovering a horrible truth about his family, he decided to volunteer a second time and fight in the Korean War back in 1950 where he went through some of his nightmares— worse than the first time he went to war. His love for his family enabled him to survive and go back home to start a new family.

Decades later, Master Sgt. David Henry is finally able to find the courage to begin recounting and reliving the harrowing, traumatic events of war that left him mentally scarred and emotionally shaken. David strikes up an unexpected friendship with Jim, a fellow fisherman, who just like David, also bears his own weight of traumas. Their own traumas solidified their friendship and allowed them to discover that even through ups and downs, they can still heal, form a mutual trust, and realize what it takes to have the “strength of courage”. 

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