Author Alfred J. Dansbury Sr. takes us on this incredible journey about a young African American soldier who nearly meets his fate honoring his country in World War II on the battlefields of Europe and Africa. Yet, he demonstrates his resilience when he discovers the strength in his faith and presses to see his loved ones once again. After uncovering a hurtful truth in his family, he decides to volunteer a second time and fight in the Korean War in 1950. In his venture, this young soldier is captured by the enemy and deemed as a prisoner of war, his sheer will to survive and love for his family allows him to live through the unimaginable and return home to tell his story and raise a family.

Decades later, Master Sgt David Henry is finally able to begin recounting the harrowing, traumatic events of war that left him mentally scarred and emotionally shaken. After striking up a friendship with a fellow fisherman named Jim, Master Sgt. David Henry confides in Jim and shares the daunting experiences that have haunted him since the last war ended. But that friendship is tested when Jim reveals his own experiences during the war. Through ups and downs, both men learn that they each suffered trauma and that, through their friendship, they can also heal. It is in their bond based on mutual trust, that Jim and Master Sgt David realize what it takes to have the Strength of Courage.